How Well Do You Know the Dominican Republic? (Fun Quiz)


1. The most popular sport in the Dominican Republic is ______.        
        a. Soccer
        b. Baseball
        c. Chess
        d. Cricket

2. A traditional meal of stewed meat, red beans, and rice is regularly served in Dominican households. It’s called La Bandera, which means ________.    
        a. “the song”
        b. “the circle”
        c. “the flag”
        d. “the delicious stew”

La Bandera                                                (Photo from

3. Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor is the oldest cathedral in the Americas. It’s survived everything from pirate attacks to earthquakes. It is over _____.     
        a. 500 years old.
        b. 300 years old
        c. 1,000 years old
        d. 200 years old

Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor                                                     (Photo from

4. A special dance style developed in the Dominican Republic. Its quick dance steps are matched by equally fast-paced music. This dance is ______.     
       a. the flamenco
        b. the tango
        c. the merengue
        d. the Macarena

Dominican dance                               (Photo from

5. There’s something unusual in the center of the Dominican flag. It is the only independent nation to have a _____ on its flag.     
        a. Bible
        b. gecko
        c. sword
        d. whale

6. Tostones (tos-TOE-nays) are a popular fried side dish made from local _____.     
        a. yucca
        b. corn
        c. cheese
        d. plantains

7. Long before its independence, the country was called Santo Domingo, after Saint Dominic. Saint Dominic is considered the patron saint of ____.     
        a. sailors
        b. seamstresses
        c. astronomers
        d. cheesemakers

St. Dominic                                                 (Photo from

8. The Dominican Republic is the only place in the world where the semi-precious stone called ___ is found.     
        a. larimar
        b. black opal
        c. lapis lazuli
        d. carnelian

9. The capital city, Santo Domingo, has a rich history. Founded in ____, it’s the oldest European settlement in the Americas.     
        a. 1496 A.D.
        b. 1501 A.D.
        c. 1420 A.D.
        d. 1806 A.D.

Santo Domingo                                              (Photo from

10. On February 27, 1844, the Dominican Republic declared its independence from ____.     
        a. Spain
        b. Haiti
        c. France
        d. Portugal

Scroll down to find the answers and see how well you did!

               1–4 correct       Still learning
               5–7 correct       Getting wise
               8–10 correct     Expert level!


1. b., 2. c. (the colors of the dish resemble the Dominican flag), 3.a., 4.c., 5.a., 6.d., 7.c., 8.a., 9.a., 10.b.


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