Your Exclusive Tour of the Clinic Expansion Project


In 2017, COTN’s clinic in the Dominican Republic more than doubled in size, thanks to you and other generous donors!

Most families in the district of Barahona are unable to afford basic medical care and have limited access to quality medical care facilities. This clinic plays a crucial role in providing holistic care for children in COTN’s program and offers medical care to the community at a lower cost. Services provided include pediatrics, gynecology, surgical procedures, dentistry, and more. 

Through this expansion, the clinic will be able to better serve the children and the community. Now that construction is underway, we’d like to give you an exclusive tour:


                                           On May 2, 2017, construction began!


                       The crew spent the first few days establishing the foundation.



 Rebar gives structure and strength to the walls. These rebar columns are wrapped by hand.



                            Here you can see a room is being added to the first floor.


                           It was exciting to watch the second-story walls being built!


All concrete for the project is mixed by hand. For every batch of concrete, the crew pours one wheelbarrow of sand, one wheelbarrow of gravel, one bag of cement, and three buckets of water into the cement mixer.


         A laundry room is also being built. It's located behind the COTN ministry offices.


                                        The view from the second floor is spectacular.


It took about 700 bags of cement to build the roof. The crew used a pulley system (left) to move cement from the ground to the roof. They started building it at 8 a.m. and kept working until 2 a.m. to finish!


        Scaffolding holding up the new roof on June 28, 2017.


               The stairs now lead up to a second floor! (Photo taken July 18, 2017)


             Things are coming along very nicely! (August 17, 2017)


         The view from inside the dental room on August 17, 2017.


COTN Founder Chris Clark doing a walk-through of the new clinic construction with COTN-Dominican Republic Board Chairman Pastor Fleming and COTN-Dominican Republic Country Director Francisco Tejeda.



                        September 13: The view from outside the clinic.


                Tile is being laid in the new laundry room. (September 13)


                   This will be the new kitchen. (September 13)


                   This old shack served as both the kitchen and laundry room before.


The full view of the clinic from the street, September 19, 2017. You can see the new street-side entrance on the right.


                     The freshly-painted clinic, resplendent in COTN's official colors. February 2018. 


                               Inside the finished clinic, February 2018.




Dr. Wheeler and our first laparoscopic surgery

In February, the Clinic performed their first-ever laparoscopic surgery! We are so thankful to Mark Steinborn's surgical team and Dr. Wheeler.


As you can see, this expansion is significantly increasing the clinic’s capacity to care for the children and the community. Thank you! This would not be possible without partners like you. Stay tuned for more updates!