Update on Miguel: How You Have Changed the Life of a Child with Cystic Fibrosis


“I no longer feel sick,” says Miguel* of the Dominican Republic. “I feel way better because I used to feel so sick, but now I am enjoying this summer in a very happy way.”


Some of you might remember reading about Miguel last year during Children of the Nations' $400K Challenge.
When you met Miguel last summer, he was an 11-year-old boy suffering from cystic fibrosis. His body had trouble absorbing the nutrients he needed to grow, and he was seriously underweight. Mucus had built up in his lungs, making the smallest activities hard. He needed lots of medication to survive.

When we introduced you to Miguel during last summer's $400K Challenge, his health problems were mounting and creating financial burdens for his family. Your generous support has changed Miguel’s life!

Miguel’s medication was expensive and running low. Before the $400K Challenge, our Dominican nurses had to take up a collection to attempt to cover the cost.

Miguel’s generous sponsors provided him with a good education, plenty of food, and other basic resources. He could not have been more thankful for this! But for needs beyond what our sponsorship program provided, like his medication, Miguel needed extra help.


That’s where you came in.

Miguel says, “I’m so happy to have a school like Vista Hermosa [COTN's school in the village of Don Bosco] right in my village. I can study, play basketball with my friends, and I love to go to the library and read books.”

Thanks to your generous support through the $400K Challenge and more, Miguel now has all the medicine he needs, including multi-vitamins, parasite medicine, and medications for his gastrointestinal issues and his cystic fibrosis.

COTN-Dominican Republic Clinic Coordinator Yaneth Gomez Richardson says Miguel's cystic fibrosis symptoms are now more in control because he can afford to take his medication and he’s using his nebulizer twice a day.

Miguel still has needs and health issues. He has to go to three different types of doctors in Santo Domingo—a three-hour drive from his home. He’s currently dealing with the effects of a cold (which COTN has provided cold medicine for) and his house desperately needs a bathroom. But his life is now drastically better than it was before you and his sponsors came alongside to help him.

It is thanks to your giving that now the doctors say Miguel is a hero and a much healthier child. He is better able to absorb nutrients and is finally at a healthy weight. He is able to enjoy a happy childhood, full of activities that were once beyond him.

Your generous, loving support has made Miguel's story a success story!

                                               Miguel with his grandmother (left) and his mother.

Now we have an even bigger challenge. This year, we want to help even more children like Miguel, so we have started our first Million Dollar Challenge. For a limited time, thanks to the generosity of a small group of partners, your gift will double! You can help many more children just like Miguel!

But only if you give before August 31!

Your gift will be truly life-changing to sick and desperate children, like Miguel, who need extra help. Thank you for providing so abundantly for Miguel and thousands of children like him!


*This child’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.