Christmas Photos from the Dominican Republic


The 2014 Christmas parties were full of blessings, happiness, and joy for our children in the five villages we serve in the Dominican Republic. Thank you for making this possible! 

Our kids enjoyed the performances of clowns, who kept them laughing all the time. They also ate delicious Christmas food that the staff prepared for them, and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas decorations. 
About 1,200 children had the chance to participate in the Christmas parties, thanks to their sponsors.
The children were encouraged by the staff to continue following Jesus and to continue going to school and to be nice to their family, friends, and leaders. They were encouraged to obey and show respect to their leaders and parents. The Christmas parties were a great blessing to each one of our kids! Thank you! 
                                                             Enjoying a delicious meal in Algodon.
                                                Fun and games with the children in Algodon.
                                                 A clown entertains the children in Altagracia.
                                                                   More clowns in Don Bosco! 
                                                           Enjoying some tasty food in Don Bosco.
                                                      Some of the decorations in Don Bosco.
                                     Some of the children got all dressed up for the Christmas festivities.
                                              Enjoying learning about the birth of Jesus in Los Robles.
                        Some of the girls in Los Robles put on a special skit as part of the Christmas celebration.
                                                            The captivated audience in Los Robles.
One of the Christmas performances in Pueblo Nuevo. A few of the boys drew mustaches and beards on their faces as part of the fun.
                                                          More fun and games in Pueblo Nuevo.
                                                 Thank you for making this such a great Christmas!