Graduation Photos from the Dominican Republic


On Thursday, July 10, we celebrated the graduation of 68 eighth-graders in the Dominican Republic. At the special ceremony held at COTN's Casa Bethesda ministry center, each student received a certificate in recognition of their achievement. This is a big milestone for these young students. Thank you for making this possible! 

Eighth-grade graduation in the Dominican Republic
                   Honor students Gabriela, Martires, and Ana celebrated their graduation with some special gifts.
                                  The graduates entered the ceremony accompanied by their friends and family.
Graduation ceremony in the Dominican Republic
                      The 68 graduates and their families filled the Casa Bethesda ministry center to overflowing.
Graduation ceremony in the Dominican Republic
Gabriela makes a speech during the graduation ceremony in the Dominican Republic
Gabriela hopes to become a pediatrician so she can help the children in her community of Don Bosco. "I am happy and I thank God and COTN for letting me be here today celebrating my eighth-grade graduation," she said.
   "I feel good," said Martires, one of the honor students. "I dreamed of being here today, and I achieved my dream."
The journey isn't over yet for these students. In the Dominican Republic, many students drop out before reaching their high school graduation. Please pray for strength and determination for our children, so they can continue to achieve their goals and grow up to have a positive impact on their communities.