A Life Full of Love: Marleny's Story


Marleny has never known her father or her mother, and yet she says her life is full of love. How is this little orphan so full of life, love, and hope? The answer has to do with you—the Children of the Nations (COTN) family. 

Marleny's mother died when she was two months old, and her father abandoned her at her grandmother's house. "I have never met my mother," Marleny says, "but I would like to have her here with me." 
Marleny was able to begin school when she was 5, thanks to her sponsors
         Marleny was able to begin attending school when she was five, thanks to the support of her sponsors. 
But because of your help, Marleny's grandmother has never had to worry about providing for her. "I receive a lot of love from my grandmother," twelve-year-old Marleny says, her face breaking into a beautiful, contagious smile. 
Marleny also says she gets a lot of love at the COTN school—which she has attended since she first entered our child sponsorship program in the Dominican Republic. "I'm very happy for the love and support I receive at school," she says. Because of people like you, Marleny also receives a nutritious lunch every day at school. 
Marleny says she is very happy for all the love and support she receives
Marleny says she is very happy for all the love and support she receives—from her grandmother, teachers, and from you, the COTN family.
Because of the meal she gets at school, Marleny can concentrate and do her best in class. This is important, because she has high hopes for her future. "I want to be a veterinarian," she explains. When her teachers and friends ask Marleny where she got this unique dream, she tells them, "My love for animals and the environment is very big and strong." 
Marleny also enjoys attending the church in her community. She learned about God at COTN's school, and now she goes to Bible studies on Saturdays and church on Sundays. Her favorite part of the Bible is the book of Genesis. 
Because of you, Marleny's life is full of love. "I give thanks to my teachers, principal, and COTN for the love that I receive," she says.
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