Praising God Through the Best and the Worst: Darkin's Story


Every day after practice, the I Love Baseball (ILB) players heap their plates high with rice, beans, and meat. And almost every day, after he's served himself, Darkin walks over to ILB program director Ruddy Suero and asks if he can take his plate home, to share with his family. Ruddy always says yes, and Darkin tucks the food away to bring home to his mother and five siblings. Then the seven of them share his meal. 

ILB players receive two meals a day, thanks to sponsors like you
ILB players receive two meals a day, thanks to sponsors like you. Darkin often takes his second meal home to share with his family, who would not have enough to eat otherwise.
Darkin was eight years old when his father left the family. Since then, it's been a struggle for his mother—who washes clothes for a living—to earn enough to feed her six children. Darkin, who is now fifteen, wants to help her in every way. "He is always worried about his family," says Ruddy. "I admire him for his great heart."
In fact, it was helping his family that first brought Darkin to ILB, a Children of the Nations program in the Dominican Republic which helps impoverished young baseball hopefuls train, attend school, and get enough to eat each day. "I would help my mother carry water and look for wood every day," Darkin explains. "I used to always pass by the baseball field where ILB players trained. One day, one of the baseball trainers called and invited me to attend the baseball practice." 
Darkin used to pass by the field where ILB players trained every day.
Darkin used to pass by the field where ILB players trained every day. One day, an ILB coach invited him to join them. 
Darkin kept coming to practice after that first invitation, and before long, ILB staff had investigated his situation and discovered he was a perfect candidate for the ILB sponsorship program. Someone like you stepped up to sponsor him, and before long, Darkin was attending daily devotions, getting first-rate baseball training, and receiving two meals a day.  
Since becoming part of the sponsorship program, Darkin says his life is much better, for several reasons. "My life before ILB was hard—no one talked to me about God," he says. "I was also very skinny. Now I have a place where I can eat."  Through the daily devotions at ILB, Darkin says, "I have learned that it's not enough to thank God in our good moments, it's also important to give thanks in the worst moments."
ILB players start every practice with a devotion and prayer
                                         ILB players start every practice with a devotion and prayer.
Life is not easy for Darkin and his family, but he has a lot to be thankful for, because of you. Darkin's dream is to become a professional baseball player, but if that doesn't happen, he is a good student, and knows he has his education—and his sponsors' educational support—to fall back on. This is important in the Dominican Republic, where young boys too often drop out of school to pursue fleeting baseball careers. No matter what happens, Darkin has learned that God is good and loves him, and he will praise Him in good times and bad. 
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