Your Support Saves Entire Families


It all happened so fast. Ney's father was coming home from working all day—selling small items on the street. It's always dangerous driving a motorcycle through the crowded streets of the Dominican Republic, where few people obey traffic rules and even fewer wear helmets. Somehow, he had always made it home fine, and he wasn't worried. 

But that day was different. Ney's father couldn't hit the brakes fast enough as a car came careening into him. He survived with his life, but broke his leg and severely injured his back.
When Ney's dad was hurt in a motorcycle accident, his family lost their income
                When Ney's father was hurt in a motorcycle accident, his family lost their only means of income.
There is no safety net for families like Ney's in the Dominican Republic. Their only income was the small amount their father made peddling goods on the street. When he got injured, they had nothing. 
It's at moments like this that child sponsorship is most critical. Ney has been in the Children of the Nations (COTN) child sponsorship program in his community for the last two years. Through sponsorship, people like you have made sure that he attends school, gets enough to eat, and has access to medical care. 
When things like this happen, sponsorship becomes the family's only means of survival. The assistance the family gets because Ney is sponsored—and what they receive from kind neighbors and relatives—is their only support.
"We are so grateful to COTN for the support of our child," says Ney's mother. In times like these, the family isn't sure if they could even afford to feed Ney if it wasn't for his sponsors. 
Thanks to his sponsors, Ney attends school and get a nutritious meal every day
Thanks to his sponsors, Ney attends school and gets a nutritious meal every day. Without your help, his family would have nothing. 
But child sponsorship is bringing Ney's family more than mere survival. It is also the family's only hope for his father's recovery. 
Until recently, Ney thought his father might be bedridden for the rest of his life. He needed surgery in order to walk again, and there was no way his family could afford it. But the staff at COTN's medical clinic know about Ney’s father's situation, and are working to get him seen by the next medical Venture Team.
Today, Ney's whole family has hope—all because someone like you chose to sponsor him. They ask that you pray with them for his father. "I ask God to heal him," Ney says. 
You can help  a child in need like Ney. Sponsor a child today!