Thank You For Camp!


Last week, children of all ages from every community we serve in the Dominican Republic got to go to camp! Because of your generous gifts, more than 700 children were able to attend camp this summer! Here are some highlights:

The camps were divided by age: The first two-day camp was for younger children, while the second was aimed at teenagers. 

The theme of camp was "raising children with values that transform their community." The children studied the Christian values of servanthood, purity, and the fruits of the spirit, and talked about how they could use their gifts and talents to serve and transform their communities. 

Camp began each morning with breakfast, worship, and a devotional, held a a local park. The children and teens helped lead worship. 

Sixteen-year-old Darvin of Los Robles was one of the teenagers who helped lead worship, both for the children's camp and the teen camp. "Playing the piano at the camp I became a good server, and I've learned that the most important thing is not to be served, but to serve others and be supportive," he says.

After a warm lunch, the children helped clean up, and then headed over to Casa Bethesda, the Children of the Nations mission house.

                               Then came everyone's favorite part—swim time at the Casa Bethesda pool! 

The teen group also had talks about hygiene and sexual purity. "The summer camp changed me," says 15-year-old Francisca of Los Robles, "especially the educational talks that helped me understand more about me as a girl." 

Some lessons were taught through Bible studies and educational talks, others were taught ... through clowns! The younger children loved it!

Thank you for making this years' camp a success, and for giving more than 700 children memories that will last a lifetime!