Making Beautiful Music: Wascar’s Story


The music from Wascar’s saxophone floats through the air. His mother sits proudly beside him, and can’t stop smiling. Eleven-year-old Wascar is a budding musician in the village of Altagracia, Dominican Republic, and also hopes to become a doctor when he gets older. His school principal, Wilson Cuevas, thinks Wascar has a good shot at accomplishing these goals. “He’s the most responsible student in the program,” Wilson says.

Wascar is a budding musician, and has big dreams of becoming a doctor as well
                            Wascar is a budding musician, and has big dreams of becoming a doctor as well.
Wascar’s outlook wasn’t always so hopeful. A few years ago, his father died and his mother was left alone to support Wascar and his seven siblings. Food was scarce, so the family had trouble finding enough money for other things like school supplies. Wascar had little hope of attending high school, let alone medical school. But today, with the support of his sponsors and people like you, Wascar knows these great achievements are possible. His sponsors help provide for school-related fees and other necessities.
With all of this in mind, Wascar works hard in school and shows the same dedication in his music. He plays the national anthem for his school every week, and is part of a band with three other children who play the trombone, trumpet, and clarinet. Sometimes churches ask him to play, too. 
The community of Altagracia is deeply impoverished, so Wascar tries to pass on to his neighbors the love and encouragement he’s received from his sponsors and people like you. “I’ve done a lot of beautiful things,” Wascar says. “I’ve helped a lot of people in the community.” 
Wascar needs additional sponsors
                                            Wascar needs additional sponsors. Will you Be One for Wascar?
But Wascar still finds plenty of time to just be a kid. When he isn’t in class or playing his saxophone, he likes to play basketball with his friends. And he always looks forward to hearing from his sponsors and learning about what they’re doing. “I love them a lot,” he says.
Wascar asks you to pray for his family, his academic goals, and the village of Altagracia. “I want God to do something great for this community,” he says. “God does big things.” 
Wascar needs additional sponsors. Every child in COTN’s programs has multiple sponsors, to help provide them with the best possible care. Be a sponsor for Wascar or another child today!