A Sponsored Child from God


The following was written by Susan Price, a Venture participant who traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time with Children of the Nations in May. 

The first time we visited the community of Los Robles, I was walking with our translator Angel, and I told him that I wanted to find a child to sponsor; a child I could know personally and have a relationship with. He assured me we would find one.  
A few seconds later, a girl walked right up to us and whispered something to Angel. He got a strange look on his face, and then his mouth opened wide in that beautiful smile of his, showing lots of very white teeth, and then he laughed out loud. When I questioned him, he told me what she had whispered to him: “Please find me a sponsor. I don’t have one!”  
Now that brought a big smile to my face, and I told him I thought this came right from God, and he agreed. I scooped up this young lady in a big hug, and said “Yes!” She told me her name is Maria and she is 13 years old. 
Susan feels that God put her together with Maria at just the right time
                                      Susan feels that God put her together with Maria at just the right time. 
Maria then took me by the hand and marched me up the hill to her home to meet her mother. I found out that her father had been killed. They lived alone in a house the size of a small pop-up canopy you would see at a festival or a farmers market. Inside, the house was split in half by a curtain. The front half was the dining room, which contained a small table and two chairs. Those were the only things I saw in the room.  
On the other side of the curtain was a bed that Maria and her mother shared. The house was made of wood, but was very dilapidated, just like many of the others in their neighborhood. As the other ladies in the neighborhood did, Maria and her mother cooked their meals outdoors and washed their dishes in a pan of water. They did this squatting down outside of their home. But they weren't barbecuing like we would be if we were cooking outside. They had a pan sitting on top of a little fire. 
Maria and her mother live in Los Robles, a very poor community in the DR
                      Maria and her mother live in Los Robles, a very poor community in the Dominican Republic. 
As we were visiting, someone called Angel on his cell phone to tell him the van was waiting for us, so we headed back down the dusty hill. Right before we arrived at the van, Maria came running after me, carrying a gift of a huge, bright pink bougainvillea flower. I was very touched and honored by this gift and felt sure this girl was brought into my life for a reason, and that this was God’s timing.
It wasn’t the first time that day I felt the tears well up and spill over. That whole day I struggled, seeing the poverty. But the children were so happy to see us. They held our hands and opened their hearts to us. In turn, our hearts were warmed, overflowing. In spite of the lack of all the comforts we enjoy, the joy of the Lord was in that place. Indeed, these are His children, and I am reminded now as I look back on it, that “this was the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” I am glad and grateful to have had that experience. 
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