Little Jesus in Los Robles


The following was written by Pastor Brent James of Peninsula Bible Fellowship in Bremerton, Washington, during a recent Venture Trip to the Dominican Republic. 

This afternoon we headed back to the Dominican community of Los Robles to play more baseball with the children.  After three innings, I went back into the neighborhood to look around, meet some people, and take some pictures.

While I was taking in my surroundings, a little two-year-old boy (remember, my daughter is two), came limping up the sidewalk. His little feet were deformed—his pinkie toe was growing in the middle of where your third toe would be.  It was as though someone had squeezed his little foot like play dough.  The abnormality didn’t stop him from walking, but he had a limp not unlike someone who has survived polio.  He walked up limping as I was sitting on the sidewalk, and he grabbed my arm and gave me the biggest smile. It was beautiful except for the fact that his teeth were discolored and decayed like nothing I’ve ever seen.  He grabbed my arm and just gave my shoulder the biggest hug, and rubbed my arm, fascinated by its pink sunburned color and the weird Caucasian hair on it.
I tried to ask him his name but he couldn’t understand my miserable attempt at Spanish.  Just then a Dominican staff member came up and told me it was time to go. I said to the little boy, “Adios, amigo—I have to go,” and he just pulled on my arm, as if to say, "Please stay with me."  He was so darling, even more so to me because of his deformities. I asked our translator Juanchy to come over and ask the boy his name, and then the little boy said something that hit my gut like a cannonball. “My name is Jesus.”
Brent and little Jesus in Los Robles, Dominican Republic
                                                 Brent and little Jesus in Los Robles, Dominican Republic.
I fought back the tears welling up in my eyes.  Here was little Jesus in the slums holding onto me and asking me to stay with him.  Even now, there are tears as I type.  I didn’t want to let him go.  I wanted to rescue him, I wanted to get him to a doctor, I wanted him to be loved.  I did not want to leave him there.
It can be so overwhelming, and yet it is so comforting to know that there is a ministry like Children of the Nations taking care of not only the spiritual needs of these children, but their physical needs as well. There is a hospital and a clinic that can treat him. There are churches like ours that have invested in making this ministry possible.  It’s comforting to know that little Jesus does have a hope because there is a caring community of Christians here, surrounding him.
And I can come back, and I plan to.
You can help a child like Jesus through child sponsorship today!