A Visit to Randy's Home


The first thing that struck Brian Ballard and his son Kyle when they walked up to Randy's home in the Dominican Republic, was how large it was. The entire home, which housed ten people, was small by American standards—only about 35 by 25 feet. Yet it was one of the biggest they saw while walking through the impoverished Dominican community of Don Bosco with 6-year-old Randy.

Brian and his 10-year-old son, Kyle, were in the Dominican Republic on a Children of the Nations (COTN) Venture Trip with other families from Kyle's school, Kings Elementary of Shoreline, Washington. They were spending the day with Randy, who is in COTN's child sponsorship program—seeing his community, meeting his family, exploring his home, "walking in his shoes."
Here are some of the things they saw that day, with observations from Brian:
Randy's home in the Dominican community of Don Bosco
The house was larger than other houses I visited or viewed. It included a main entrance with a couple of chairs and a table, an old stereo system, and a couple of pictures, a kitchen area with a very old oven as well as a refrigerator, two bedrooms with several beds in each, with almost no room to walk, and a store in the front of the house.
The backyard is used to raise approximately twenty chickens and roosters
The backyard is used to raise approximately twenty chickens and roosters to sell. My guess is that the money they make from the store goes to buying stuff to fill the house as well as to buy more chickens to raise and sell.
Randy's family in the Dominican community of Don Bosco
Randy’s mother and grandmother were very kind and welcoming of us in their home. What caught my eye as a parent was that there was no father figure present. The house is clearly run by Randy’s mother and grandmother. 
Randy at home in Don Bosco
I am thankful that Randy has a great school like the COTN school he attends, and pray that he will truly know Jesus, excel in the program, and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.
Randy and Kyle pose in front of Randy's home
Randy poses in front of his home with his new friend Kyle, in the Seattle Mariners jersey Kyle gave him. 
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