Maria, Full of Hope—Thanks to You!


"Before COTN, the situation in my house was very tough because we had nothing to eat," says Maria. "But now, my siblings and I are enrolled in the COTN school, and we have all benefitted."

Maria sits in her small home in the Dominican Republic and grins as she explains her favorite meal—rice, beans, and stewed meat, a traditional staple in the Dominican Republic. Not many people in this community can afford to have this traditional meal daily. Maria is grateful that she now enjoys this meal every day at the Children of the Nations (COTN) school.
Maria is a typical 13-year-old girl, full of energy, ideas, and plans for her future. She doesn't have much by way of clothes and accessories, like a 13-year-old might have in the United States. But that doesn't stop her. Today, Maria has pulled her hair back tight and found a fresh flower to adorn her bun. In lieu of makeup, Maria has carefully placed a sticker by her left eye. The sticker matches the bright blue shirt that partners like you have provided for her. She looks beautiful.
Maria has just returned from school and finished her daily chores—collecting fresh, clean water for her family from the new water purification system partners like you helped install in her village, washing the dishes, and cleaning the small home she shares with her mother and four siblings. Her father left the family years ago, and Maria hasn't seen him since. Her mother can't find work so she used to have to beg her neighbors for food. Now that sponsors like you help her with one meal a day, Maria's mother has the dignity of knowing she can provide for her children.
Now that her chores are done, Maria has time to settle down to her fifth-grade homework. She hopes to continue her education and become a lawyer one day, with your help.
When you sponsor a child like Maria, you are not only changing their life forever, but you have a lasting impact on the whole family as well. One day, if Maria achieves her dream, your support will help transform her community, and maybe even her nation. Maria says thank you! 
You can help a child like Maria and change their life forever! Sponsor a child in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, or Africa today!