An Architect for Algodon: Raisa's Story


Raisa lives in a tiny house in the impoverished Dominican community of Algodon.  Like most of her neighbors, Raisa's home is made of palm wood and covered with a corrugated tin roof.  Like most families around her, Raisa's roof sometimes leaks. And like all the residents of Algodon, Raisa prays for safety during the hurricane and flood season. 

Raisa may live in a simple home, but her mind is somewhere else.  As she sits beneath her tin roof, Raisa is dreaming of better buildings for all the families in her community.  "I love graphic designs and house structures," she explains, "so I want to be an architect." 
Raisa's mother moved to Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital three hours away, to earn a living for the family. Her father left the family when Raisa was very young.  Raisa's family survives on the small wages her mother is able to send back to them, and waits earnestly for their mother's next visit.  "I really miss my mother, and I can't wait to see her," she says.
It might not be typical for a girl in Raisa's situation to have such high goals, and such a transformative vision for her community.  But Raisa has hope amidst her difficult situation because of people like you, who are bringing education, food, and transformation to her community.  Partners like you have been working in and loving the people of Algodon since before Raisa was born, and she knows the transformation she sees today is because of that. Venture participants and partners like you came together with locals to build a school for her community in 1998. It's because of that school that today Raisa has a hope and a future. "I thank God, teachers, and all the people that make our education possible in my community," she says.
Raisa also loves the after-school devotionals and the meal she gets every day because of partners like you.  "Sometimes," she shares, "the only meal I receive in a day is the one I receive at school."  
Without partners like you, Raisa's story would be sad and hopeless.  But because you are providing the meals, spiritual care, and education she needs, Raisa's story is full of hope—for her own future, and the future of her community. Thank you!
You can give a child like Raisa a hope and a future.  Sponsor a child today!