Aris Speaks for the First Time, Thanks to You


Life is fragile in 10-year-old Aris' impoverished community in the Dominican Republic. Several months ago, his father boarded a motorcycle and never returned home—tragically killed in a road accident.  Aris is one of ten children, and had a serious speech disorder which made him unable to talk.  Without a father to support them, Aris' family was unable to supply the most basic necessities like food and water, let alone the special care and encouragement a child like Aris needed.  

But Aris' family was not left to fend for themselves.  He and many of his siblings are supported by sponsors like you through the Children of the Nations (COTN) Village Partnership Program in the community of Los Robles.  You are helping Aris' mother provide for all her children and give them the hope of a better future.  

Aris and his siblings attend COTN's school in Los Robles where they go to class, enjoy a hearty meal at lunch, and learn about the Lord.  Aris also gets extra classes and special attention to help him overcome his speech disorder.  Today, Aris speaks slowly, but clearly.  "I want to be a police officer to help people," he pronounces with confidence.  "And I would like prayers for my family."

Aris is able to think about his future because you are meeting his basic needs today.  "I love COTN food," he proclaims, grateful for packaged meals that partners like you send and the staff spice up with local ingredients.  When asked his favorite food, Aris does not hesitate—"rice and stewed meat," he says.  His sister adds that they can't have dishes like that at home because they are too poor.  But they get them at school, thanks to partners like you.

As Aris grows up, he has a good example to look up to—his oldest brother, Franklin, has been in COTN's child sponsorship program since he was nine years old, and today is the first in his family to attend university.  Franklin is studying dentistry, and hopes to be able to help support his family once he graduates.  But Franklin isn't waiting to graduate to serve his community.  He is a leader in his young adult Bible study at the Los Robles church, and is also very active in his community's Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) club.  

Aris asks that you all pray for his family, still struggling to carry on after the tragic death of his father.  Yet in this pain and struggle, God has provided so many good things—from rice and stewed meat, to a godly, loving older brother—for Aris.  Thank you for being part of this provision.

You can help a family provide for a child—and change that child's life forever.  Sponsor a child like Aris today.