Tropical Storm Noel Restoration Effort Update


Last November, the Dominican Republic took a direct hit by Tropical Storm Noel—flooding villages, washing away homes and buildings, and leaving devastation in its wake. Through the help of COTN staff and supporters we continue our Restoration Effort. Funds raised to date continue to be used to meet the most urgent needs: replacing mattresses and other household items, purchasing building materials to repair/replace roofs, and rebuilding homes that were completely destroyed.

Last week our DR staff delivered several dozen mattresses to many families in the hardest hit villages. Home repairs and rebuilding continues. However, in the aftermath of the storm, due to supply-and-demand, the cost of construction materials has risen drastically. Our original estimate of $2,500 to build a small cinder-block house (consisting of two bedrooms, a small living room, and a kitchen) has nearly doubled, totaling nearly $4,300.

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