Update from the Field (DR)


Even as I write this update, Kelly and I are falling more in love with the Dominican Republic. Each day as we wake up, we know that a new adventure awaits us and while sometimes we stop to wonder what it will be, most days, we just go straight to reading God’s word with a bowl of cereal before venturing out. And, almost as if receiving an unearned reward, we find ourselves constantly amused and enamored with the life that swirls around us – it comes at a measured pace that is always oriented towards relationship first, all other priorities second.

At work we are becoming acquainted with the ways that we will be participating in ministry down here. Kelly is busily working with an incredible team to develop a plan for identifying and educating children with special needs in our villages. I have begun teaching English to a class of extremely motivated students while also learning the ropes for the Venture Team process. The Dominican Staff has filled the role of teacher, cultural mentor, tour guide, language instructor and friend. They are incredible and we thank God each day for them.

We feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this work…obviously (sometimes even daily,) we have our ups and downs and our fair share of frustrations, but the downs and the frustrations are always tempered and outnumbered by the joy and the blessings. We have a cute newly constructed two bedroom, one bathroom apartment with high ceilings and lots of light, on a quiet street that is filled with the best neighbors we have ever had. We have been embraced and loved and cared for by our coworkers and community and even recently acquired a car that while being hilarious looking, manages to get us everywhere we need to go. Daily, we are learning to trust more, we are learning patience and we are falling deeper in love with the God who calls each star by name and moves us “from strength to strength.”

From the DR,
Scott and Kelly Hampton