Tropical Storm Noel Restoration Effort


Tropical Storm Noel hit the Dominican Republic hard and fast last week leaving flooding and devastation in its wake. People in our villages were displaced, evacuated and suffered the loss of much of their livelihood.

Thankfully, all lives in our villages were spared and all our children are safe. Now we are asking everyone in our USA family to help our DR families reestablish their lives. Here is how you can help right now:

Replace – $2500

10 houses were totally destroyed in our villages. Help rebuild a house for a family in a village.

Repair – $250

48 houses are in immediate need of extensive repair in our villages. Help to replace a wall, roof, ceiling, floor or beds.

Restore – $120

People in all our villages have suffered the loss of disposable items to the floods. Help restore personal belongings lost in the flood (hygiene items, clothing, school items, sheets, towels, cooking items and more).

Other Amount – $

There are many others ways to help—a gift of any size will go toward the overall restoration of our children, villages, families and communities.

Thank you!