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From Desperation to Director: How One Young Man Escaped Poverty and Became Director of a Hospital Dominican Republic
Antonio wanted to be a baseball player, just like every other boy from his batey
Mar 24, 2021 -

Years ago, if you had asked any boy in Algodón what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would have eagerly answered, “A baseball player!” Now, the boys in Algodón want to become doctors, just like Antonio. 

Angelina Was Homeless, But You Are Sending Her to College Dominican Republic
May 16, 2019 -
Angelina knew she would have to work hard to achieve her dreams. She was born in Altagracia, an impoverished batey in the Dominican Republic. A batey is a shantytown originally built for migrant sugarcane workers. Within the batey, Angelina lived with her mother and seven siblings in a tiny house. 
Medical Miracle, Thanks to You! Dominican Republic
Pablo can see, thanks to you!
Feb 7, 2019 -
Originally posted 06/22/2018.
Three-year-old Pablo* might not be alive today—or be able to see—if it weren’t for you. 
Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Jan 8, 2019 -

Here’s a special look at how your sponsored child in the Dominican Republic spent their Christmas!

Photos from University Camp in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Group photo of campers
Nov 6, 2018 -
Thank you so much to all the sponsors who gave toward camp! Camps are only possible because of your gifts at Easter and your monthly support. Your sponsored child had an amazing experience, and it wouldn’t be possible without you.
Tales from a Last-Minute Chaperone: Venturing into the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Oct 9, 2018 -

Laurie Wilke responded to a last-minute call from Bellevue Presbyterian Church for a volunteer to help supervise their large group of female students headed to the Dominican Republic on a short-term Venture trip. Here is her unexpected adventure in her own words:

I knew that the students (as well as us leaders) would be positively impacted, but the “how” was awesome to participate in/watch as it unfolded.

Photos from Your Child's Camp in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Campers make a Tree of Life craft together
Sep 13, 2018 -
Thank you for making summer camp possible for our children in the Dominican Republic! Your sponsored child had a wonderful time. Children enjoyed games, Bible stories, sports, skits, crafts, and even some time at a pool.
Thank You for the Library in Algodón! Dominican Republic
Children read together
Sep 4, 2018 -
To someone from the United States, the Algodón library may not look like much. It’s humble, a small building with bookshelves, tables, and chairs. But this library offers our children something they might not have otherwise: books.
Wordless Wednesday: Children at Play Dominican Republic
Homemade checkers in the Dominican Republic
Apr 3, 2018 -

"Birds fly, fish swim, and children play." — Dr. Garry Landreth

 Play is an essential part a child's development. Even when children have very little to play with, they find creative ways to make fun out of their surroundings. See if you recognize some of the games COTN children are playing in the photos below.

You Brought Clean Water to the Dominican Republic! Dominican Republic
Dominican girl practices washing her hands
Mar 15, 2018 -

By the end of this month, COTN–Dominican Republic will be completely water secure!