Big News From the Dominican Republic! Dominican Republic
Mar 5, 2018 -
You might remember our recent updates from our I Love Baseball (ILB) program in the Dominican Republic. Now, we have an even bigger announcement: one of our ILB players got signed to a team! He will be playing on a feeder team for the Texas Rangers in the Dominican Summer League. Congratulations, Ezequiel!
A Family Affair: a Doctor, a Pilot, and an Olympian Changing the World United States
Christy, Jessica, and kids
Feb 14, 2018 -
A doctor, a pilot with a prosthetic leg, and an Olympic skier—the Wise siblings never cease to amaze us.
Wordless Wednesday: Happy Valentine's Day Haiti
Uganda girl with heart facepaint
Feb 14, 2018 -

It’s a day to celebrate love—whether it’s romantic love, familial love, or friendship. And we want to celebrate all the ways you share God’s love with children in need.

As a small thank-you, here are some adorable photos straight from our heart to yours! Happy Valentine’s Day!

7 Things to Write About to Your Sponsored Child This Easter United States
Happy Easter from Uganda
Feb 14, 2018 -
If you sponsor a child, you’ve received a special Easter card to send to your sponsored child. Maybe you already mailed yours—great! Your child will be so happy to hear from you. 
But if you’re still trying to figure out what to write to your sponsored child, here are some ideas that will bring joy to your child’s life!
Josie's Story: Freedom from Abuse Sierra Leone
Josie didn't know who to talk to
Feb 12, 2018 -

Every time Josie* went home from school, he was there.

When he began touching her, she didn’t know exactly why it felt wrong, only that it was wrong.

Thank You for Building Our Play Therapy Center Sierra Leone
Play Therapy Center being built
Feb 7, 2018 -

You recently helped us build a Play Therapy Center in Sierra Leone. Before now there was no quiet, private place for young children who had experienced trauma (anything from abuse to the death of their parents) to work through what had happened to them.

Exciting Updates from I Love Baseball Dominican Republic
ILB catcher
Feb 2, 2018 -

We are coming up on the 10-year anniversary of the I Love Baseball (ILB) program!

To celebrate, we wanted share some of the major ILB milestones that you made possible.

A Year in Review: Our Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2017 United States
Two Hands Make a Heart
Jan 30, 2018 -
Join us as we look back on 2017 and celebrate the wonderful things you’ve done in children's lives!
2017 was an eventful year. Two major hurricanes swept through the Caribbean, three of our graduates from Malawi traveled across Africa to teach in Sierra Leone, children in Uganda showed their passion for education, and so much more. Here are nine Instagram photos from 2017 that you responded to the most: 
How You're Helping Lead Children in Haiti to Christ Haiti
Children listen to a Bible study
Jan 30, 2018 -
Teaching through the Life on Life children’s curriculum wasn’t a natural step for Serge Joseph, COTN’s Village Partnership Program coordinator in Haiti. When it came to Bible studies, the elementary-age children he worked with were used to hearing sermons and lectures, not sitting in groups, hearing stories, and participating in discussion or hands-on activities.
Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Uganda Uganda
Celebrating with singing
Jan 25, 2018 -
Thanks to you, COTN children across the globe have been able to have Christmas parties this year. Today, we are excited to share photos from Christmas celebrations at COTN–Uganda.