Computer Lab Engineer

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Anytime M-F (9-5)
Information Technology
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Lori Downey
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Terri Adkins
COTN is in the process of building out two 20 student computer labs for Uganda and Sierra Leone. We are using Windows Server 2016 with multipoint for these labs along with NComputing L300 thin clients. This allows each student to have their own monitor, keyboard, and mouse while sharing a single shared server to make long term maintenance easier. We plan to fill the server with open source educational apps, books, and training materials to help the children get an education, learn about computers, and to prepare for college. The villages that these are being sent are remote and do not have wired internet available, so the labs will not initially be connected to the internet and will need to be configured as a private network.
Skills and Qualifications: 
  • We are looking for someone with computer networking skills to help us over some hurdles with getting the thin clients communicating with the server. We would prefer someone who has experience with Windows server 2016, thin client devices, knows how to assign server roles such as Multipoint, and has a good understanding of IP addresses.
  • This volunteer position is very flexible and could last from one day to get us past the technical issues we are having up to helping us through getting everything configured and ready to ship.