Staff and Volunteer Needs

Children of the Nations has undertaken an extensive ministry, reaching out to children in need in Africa and the Dominican Republic. In order to support this movement, we have offices stationed around the United States to empower local communities to get involved and grow this mission!

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Title Location Classification Department/Program Compensation
Warehouse Coordinator Washington Volunteer Resources Volunteer
Resource Specialist Other Volunteer Resources Volunteer
Mailing Volunteer Washington Volunteer Administration Volunteer
Groundskeeping Assistant Washington Volunteer Facilities Volunteer
Spanish Translation Assistant Washington Volunteer Other Volunteer
Data Entry Specialist Washington Volunteer Finance Volunteer
Sponsorship Volunteer Washington Volunteer Sponsorship Volunteer
Computer Lab Engineer Washington Volunteer Information Technology Volunteer
IT Assistant Washington Volunteer Information Technology Volunteer
Front Desk Volunteer Washington Volunteer Administration Volunteer
Gardening Volunteer Washington Volunteer Facilities Volunteer
Resources Connection Volunteer Washington Volunteer Resources Volunteer
Donation Coordinators Washington Volunteer Resources Volunteer
Construction Coordinator, Malawi International Global Volunteer International Office Support-Raising