Global Alliance Council

The Children of the Nations (COTN) Global Alliance is comprised of the five countries directly caring for thousands of children—Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, Dominican Republic, and Haiti—as well as the countries that support these efforts. The COTN Global Alliance shares the same vision, mission, statement of faith, core values, operating principles, and standards of service—joining together to “Raise Children Who Transform Nations.”  
The Global Alliance Council is made up of representatives from the countries in the alliance. The council was created to help COTN best carry out its mission in the five unique cultures we work in. We value partnership and the variety of perspectives it provides. Therefore, we believe it is essential to have a forum where representatives from these countries can share their expertise to support healthy growth and fulfillment of our mission.
Council members were chosen by the National Board of Directors in their respective countries and confirmed by the COTN International Board of Directors. The Global Alliance Council is committed to ensuring the best care is provided for children—long-term, holistic care that results in transformation! Children who were once living in desperation are now becoming doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians, CEOS, and more. They are creating positive and lasting change in their families, communities, and nations.
Mark Drennan: Council Chairman; representing the International Office

Mark Drennan is the senior liaison for COTN International. He also serves as the liaison for COTN–Sierra Leone. During his thirteen-year commitment, he has shown his leadership skills, professionalism, knowledge of cross-cultural issues and program management, and dedication to the children in our ministry. Mark lives in Northern Ireland with his lovely wife, JoAnna, and his young son, Angus. 
Ms. Marjorie Jacques: representing COTN–Haiti

Ms. Marjorie Jacques serves as the COTN–Haiti Committee of Directors secretary. She has a master’s degree in population development and is licensed to practice law in Haiti. She is currently studying to become a judge. 
Pastor Fernando Ruiz Fleming: representing COTN–Dominican Republic
Pastor Fernando Ruiz Fleming has been a pastor for more than twenty-five years. He has been with COTN since its founding and has been the national board chairman for ten years. He is a profound evangelist who has reached many souls for Christ. He loves serving children and is always coming up with new ways increase the sustainability of the ministry and ensure the children are well-cared for. He believes wholeheartedly in the staff and their work. Pastor Fleming says God is the engine of COTN. He has a beautiful family with his wife, Mikal, and their son, Abiasar. 
Dr. Patrick Opio: Representing COTN–Uganda

Dr. Patrick Opio has been a general surgeon since June 1996. When a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army started a civil war in northern Uganda—the victims of which were mostly citizens, including many children—he helped provide medical care to victims of the war. He has worked with Doctors Without Borders, the African Youth Initiative Network, Trust Funds for Victims, and many other organizations. He is passionate about providing quality medical care to his patients. He loves people and always promotes unity, peace, and love.  

Mrs. Monica Chokhotho: representing COTN–Malawi
Mrs. Monica Chokhotho is married to Pastor Rangford Chokhotho of Living Christians Church. They have three children together. She has a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and a minor in education from African Bible College. She also studied theology at Moore Theological School. She is currently volunteers at the Evangelical Association of Malawi. 
Dr. Virginia Williams: representing COTN–Sierra Leone
Dr. Virginia Williams serves on the board of COTN–Sierra Leone. She is married with children and serves as a consultant gynecologist in a number of hospitals in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 
Dr. Ruth Ford: representing COTN–United Kingdom and Ireland
Dr. Ruth Ford is one of the founding board members of COTN-United Kingdom and Ireland and currently serves as the board chair. She is a consultant anesthetist with the National Health Service in Northern Ireland.