Meal Packaging

Feeding Children Who Transform Nations

Feeding thousands of children daily is no small task!  And it's only possible through the efforts of partners and volunteers like you.

Through meal packaging events, your church, organization, or school can provide food for children in Africa throughout the year. The meals you package are shipped overseas, and cooks customize them with traditional flavors and spices, supplementing with meat when available.

How Does It Work? It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Fundraising – You raise the funds needed for the meals you expect to package.  This can be done through advance fundraising, sponsors, or on a day-of-the-event-donation basis.  (Funds needed are just 29 cents per meal. Depending on the size of your group, we recommend that you raise enough to cover 40,000–50,000 meals ($11,600–$14,500).  If this isn’t possible, please contact us anyway; we love to connect groups to co-host meal packaging events together.)
  2. Assembly Line Setup – Utilizing mobile meal packaging systems, your local COTN Community Development Manager will arrange setup of the assembly line process, provide all the supplies and training, and oversee the event.
  3. Hands-on Volunteers – You'll need to recruit enough volunteers to work your event.  Our staff will be more than willing to help you calculate how many volunteers you’ll need.


Feed A Child, Change A Life from Children of the Nations on Vimeo.


Get your church, civic group, school, or community organization involved in feeding children internationally TODAY! It’s great fun and a satisfying team-building event. Click here for a flyer template designed to help you promote your event!


For more information or to schedule your event, call Children of the Nations at 360.698.7227 or contact

Kirstie Weeks at