Church Partnership Program

The Church Partnership Program (CPP) provides the tools you need to move your congregation out of their seats and into serving others.

Because we view ourselves as a “movement of people,” Children of the Nations (COTN) believes God has created a worldwide body of people with a common passion ready to deny themselves to care for the destitute children of the world. The CPP is a relationship of cooperation with God’s purpose for the church and the need to care for orphans.

To do this, COTN will:

  • Provide a web-based “toolkit” that a church/organizational liaison can use on an annual or regular basis.
  • Invite churches to partner with us in our desire to serve children abroad, see growth in local and global mission awareness, increase participation of people in the church, communicate the need and work of helping children in COTN countries, and engage people in the church in “Handles” that involve all ages that make an impact on others for the Kingdom.
  • Give prompt support, coaching, ideas and free downloadable resources.
  • Provide open and on-going communication about the work of COTN, the children and their needs in each specific country or village.
  • Offer reporting on specific results of service projects, funding or participation of any kind by you church in an effort to make it easy for you to communicate the impact your church is having in the world.
  • Provide your congregation with partnership presence on our COTN website.

What you gain:

Not only will our Church Partnership Program enhance the lives of the children we serve, it will enhance the lives of those in your church. “We love all of the contact we have with the children we support,” says Brandon Beard, former pastor of Real Life Church in Valencia, California. Contact for Real Life includes letters from sponsored children, Venture trips, and even seeing testimonials from the children during a live church telecast. “It’s relationship-based,” he says. “We really feel like we’re supporting a child, not a photograph.”

STEPS TO SUCCESS (what steps your church can take to get involved)

Becoming a COTN Partner is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Make the decision. It is an easy decision to make when you know we can help you link your organization to global opportunities and mobilize people to make a difference in the world.
  2. Provide a Liaison or Ambassador to work with our staff in implementing a program of mobilization. Need more information? Contact a local COTN representative near you.
  3. Begin to mobilize your congregation by reviewing and implementing the tools provided here. Our staff is ready to help and the tools you need are readily available.