College Immersion

A part of our Venture Program

College Immersion trips are specifically designed for groups of people aged 18–25. During this extended time in Sierra Leone or the Dominican Republic, the team will be immersed in the culture of that country. Each trip will have a specific project and must be commissioned by a school or church.

Projects may include:
  • Medical Care – Partner with in-country staff to provide care in our clinics. This may include wound care, basic health assessments, and public health trainings.
  • Spiritual Care – Partner with in-country staff to conduct three-day evangelism camps, show the JESUS film, or disciple children and teenagers. 
  • Education – Partner with in-country staff by assisting teachers in the classroom, providing reading coaching and assessment, or conducting after-school homework programs. 
  • Construction – Partner with in-country staff to work on much needed building projects such as laying cement floors, replacing roofs, or painting. 

These trips are available year round and are perfect for fulfilling college majors that require global missions and study abroad experience. We are able to host teams of 5–70 in the Dominican Republic and 5–20 in Sierra Leone. Trips can be catered to last between three and four weeks.

To inquire about a College Immersion team:
Step 1: Log in or create your COTNI account.
Step 2: Complete an inquiry form.
Step 3: Wait to be contacted by a staff person.