Business Partnerships

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COTN partners with numerous businesses, organizations, foundations, and churches to accomplish the vision of raising children who transform nations. In each country where we serve, COTN builds relationships with competent nationals who share our core values and commitment to our vision and mission. We continue to advance our mission through partnerships that offer unique skills, resources, and knowledge that complement our programs.

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We seek to mobilize the expertise, capacity, and knowledge of our partners in a wide variety of ways to achieve development goals, contribute to national priorities, and advance community development. Targeting key issues with sustainability in mind, COTN seeks to co-design programs and projects, mutually supporting COTN and partner goals and capitalizing on available in-kind goods and services to move our mission forward.

We believe a sustainable approach to caring for the children and communities we serve is the most effective way to empower people to transform their nations. We are committed to designing, assessing, and improving the sustainability of our projects and programs. COTN is also committed to providing communities with sustainable development tools and methods in key areas including water, agriculture, renewable energy, and microfinance (WARM initiatives).  

Continual learning and growth are essential to ensuring our mission is best accomplished. We embrace process improvement and seek to create partnership agreements that are living documents that can be built and improved upon as we grow and learn as an organization.

For a list of official COTN partners, click here.