COVID-19 Emergency Response

COTN staff and children are praying for the families around the world that have been impacted or have suffered as a result of the COVID-19 virus. As concerns grow, and the ever changing landscape of the virus evolves, many have asked, what can I do to help? 
Below are 3 immediate ways you, your church or business can help:
1. Pray with us that the impact of this virus will be both limited and quickly contained. 
2. Provide Hygiene supplies that prevent the spread of illness and disease. Watch this video on how you, your church or company can provide Hygiene SmilePacks®. For additional information, call Dave Schertzer, Chief Resource Officer, Phone: 360-633-1621, Email:
3. Consider a gift to our EMERGENCY HEALTH FUND. A one-time or monthly gift is the most effective way to help children who could be exposed or impacted by COVID-19. Put your donation dollar to work in changing lives and empower our staff to deliver immediate solutions in real time. Become an influencer in the world by the power of generosity.
To learn more about our COVID-19 response, view our official statement here.
As always, we appreciate your partnership with us in this effort,
Chris Clark
We also encourage you, our valued partner in ministry, to monitor the most reliable, accurate and timely information that can be found through the CDC at: