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In order to meet the vast needs of our staff and children in Africa and the Caribbean, Children of the Nations has a number of offices right here in the United States. Our international office and U.S. headquarters are located in Silverdale, Washington. We currently have three fully-functioning regional offices in Orlando, Florida; Tustin, California; and Seattle, Washington. We also have a smaller local office in San Diego, California, and are working on starting additional local offices in other communities. Since Children of the Nations is a relationship-based movement of people, as opposed to a traditional corporate organization, we place high value on creating a local presence in the communities that have a passion for serving children in need. Our dream is to eventually have local offices coast-to-coast, in all fifty states.

COTN Offices: 7 (Silverdale and Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Tustin and San Diego, CA; Orlando, FL; Boston, MA)