Sponsor a Child

Sponsors are heroes. As a sponsor, you and your family get to write letters to a specific child and watch them grow over the years as you develop a friendship with the person whose life you're changing.

It costs just $36 a month to sponsor a child in our Village Partnership Program, $43 to sponsor a child in our Children's Homes Program, and $50 to sponsor a student in our University/Vocational Program.

Gracious Akello, Age 6
Angwetangwet, Uganda
Maureen Akidi, Age 6
Otikori, Uganda
Winnie Akite, Age 16
Elwa, Uganda
Procovia Akite, Age 11
Omodo, Uganda
Beatrice Akullu, Age 20
Te-dam, Uganda
Innocent Alagi, Age 17
Anai-Okii, Uganda
Bianny Alcantara, Age 10
Algodon, Dominican Republic
Jeuri Alejandro Ferreras, Age 9
Don Bosco, Dominican Republic
Irine Alela, Age 14
Barapwo, Uganda

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