Sponsor a Child

Sponsors are heroes. As a sponsor, you and your family get to write letters to a specific child and watch them grow over the years as you develop a friendship with the person whose life you're changing.

It costs just $36 a month to sponsor a child in our Village Partnership Program, $43 to sponsor a child in our Children's Homes Program, and $50 to sponsor a student in our University/Vocational Program.

Lickson Batiwelo, Age 9
Chilombo, Malawi
Jimmy Bazirio, Age 15
Chirombo, Malawi
Jayah Beahai, Age 14
Senehun, Sierra Leone
Katta Beihai, Age 22
Ngolala, Sierra Leone
Estefany Benuat, Age 17
Altagracia, Dominican Republic
Potifala Biliat, Age 13
Chirombo, Malawi
Timothy Billiat, Age 8
Mtsiliza, Malawi
Precious Billy, Age 18
Mgwayi, Malawi
Josiah Black, Age 15
Chirombo, Malawi

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