Sponsor a Child

Sponsors are heroes. As a sponsor, you and your family get to write letters to a specific child and watch them grow over the years as you develop a friendship with the person whose life you're changing.

It costs just $36 a month to sponsor a child in our Village Partnership Program, $43 to sponsor a child in our Children's Homes Program, and $50 to sponsor a student in our University/Vocational Program.

Fatmata Abu, Age 23
Children's Homes, Sierra Leone
Hanna Abwot, Age 21
Children's Homes, Uganda
Sharon Adong, Age 18
Junior Quarters, Uganda
Emmanuel Adu, Age 23
Ngolala, Sierra Leone
Jane Akello, Age 19
Ireda Shamba, Uganda
Sarah Akello, Age 19
Children's Homes, Uganda
Susan Akite, Age 19
Anai-Ober, Kigumba Intensive School, Uganda
Sarah Apio, Age 21
Children's Homes, Uganda
Hellen Apio, Age 19
Children's Homes, St. Peter's College, Uganda

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