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Sierra Leone
Current Grade: 
Sep 11, 2003
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Typical Foods: 
Rice, Cassava, Potatoes
Favorite Sport or Activity: 
Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
Occupational or Educational Goal: 
Favorite Subjects in School: 
Favorite Subjects in School: 
Favorite Bible Story: 
Cain and Abel
Favorite Bible Verse(s): 
Matthew 28:18
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Personality Traits: 
Personality Traits: 
Personality Traits: 
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Program Profile

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Partners like you have helped the Ngolala Village Partnership Program grow and improve to provide essential care for children in need. Sponsorship ensures that children in Ngolala and its surrounding villages receive an education, food, medical care, job training, and much-needed resources. Partners like you have also set up Bible studies and summer camps that the children enjoy.
Initial Assessed Needs:

  1. High illiteracy rate
  2. Malnutrition
  3. High infant and maternal mortality
  4. No access to medical care
  5. Female genital mutilation
  6. Cultic practices
  7. Limited access to school
  8. No electricity or water

Date program launched: 2006
Programs/Services Currently Provided:

  1. Education (preschool through grade 13)
  2. Skills Training Center
  3. Church of the Nations
  4. Malnutrition clinic
  5. Farm
  6. Health Animators Program
  7. Medical care provided
  8. Bible studies and summer camps
Program Description: 
The Ngolala (pronounced GWOL-uh) Village Partnership Program includes several villages surrounding the Children of the Nations Banta Ministry Center in Sierra Leone. These villages lacked medical care, clean water, and schools before partners like you began providing these things. Infant mortality and illiteracy are high in this part of Sierra Leone. The majority of people in this region come from a Muslim background, but traditional African spiritual practices (witchcraft, secret society rituals, and cultic activities) are also prevalent. Polygamy is practiced as well, resulting in large families with many children. Families support themselves primarily through subsistence farming. Because of partners like you, children in Ngolala and the surrounding villages have access to COTN’s Therapeutic Feeding Center, the Mallory Jansen Memorial School (primary and secondary education), and COTN’s medical clinic at our nearby Banta Ministry Center. COTN’s Church of the Nations, which has branches in several of these villages, is making a positive impact on the spiritual lives of the people as well. By partnering with sponsors like you, we seek to provide the children in this part of Sierra Leone with the resources and care they need to become well-rounded individuals. By equipping these children and their caregivers with tools for success, they will grow up to create positive change in their community and ultimately their nation.

Population: 5,743,725 (2014 est.)

Life Expectancy: 57 years

Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 182 deaths per 1,000 live births

People Living with HIV/AIDS: 58,000

Orphaned Children: 370,000

Secondary School Attendance: Boys—40%, Girls—33%

Population Living on Less Than $1.25 Per Day: 52%

Sources: UNICEF, The World Factbook (2014)