Sponsor Stanley Thelus

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May 04, 2000
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Typical Foods: 
Bananas, Beef Liver
Favorite Sport or Activity: 
Soccer, Handball
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Favorite Bible Story: 
David & Goliath
Favorite Bible Verse(s): 
John 3:16
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Personality Traits: 
Personality Traits: 
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Plays Well with Others
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Program Profile

Village Name: 
Hands On Haiti

Partners like you are helping children and families hit hardest by the 2010 Haiti earthquake rebuild their lives. These children were injured in the quake, and without your help, they did not have access to the type of care they needed to survive and properly recover. By sponsoring one of these children, you are providing them and their families with opportunities for a bright future through education, medical care, food, and basic resources that improve their everyday life.
Initial Assessed Needs:

  1. Immediate need for medical care
  2. Limited access to education
  3. Lack of access to clean water
  4. Lack of job opportunities
  5. Lack of food and other resources

Date program launched: 2010
Programs/Services Currently Provided:

  1. Funding for education
  2. Daily nutrition
  3. Resource distribution
  4. Health care provided by visiting medical teams
  5. Microfinance loans to help families start small businesses
  6. Bible studies and summer camps
Program Description: 
After a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, partners like you responded by caring for a group of children and families who were most affected by the disaster. Through this Family Care Program, sponsors ensured these children received thorough medical care to fully recover from their injuries after the quake. Other generous partners also provided these children with nutritious food and funding for education, and gave their families financial assistance through micro-loans so they could begin to support themselves again. Prior to the earthquake, families in Haiti lived in some of the poorest conditions in the Western Hemisphere. These conditions are even worse now, after the earthquake. In order to recover, rebuild, and have hope for the future, the children of Haiti must be equipped to become leaders capable of creating positive change in their nation. By partnering with sponsors like you, we seek to provide the children of Haiti with the resources and care they need to become well-rounded individuals. This includes paying school fees and medical bills, leading Bible studies, and providing school supplies and food. By equipping these children and their caregivers with tools for success, they will be able to overcome the obstacles that lay before them. Our hope is that these children will grow up to create positive change in their communities and ultimately their nation.

Population: 9,996,731 (2014 est.)

Life Expectancy: 63 years

Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 76 deaths per 1,000 live births

People Living with HIV/AIDS: 150,000

Orphaned Children: 430,000

Adult Literacy Rate: 52.9%

Population Living on Less Than $1.25 Per Day: 62%

Sources: UNICEF, The World Factbook (2014)