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Aug 10, 2003
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Typical Foods: 
Rice, Chicken, Beans, Cassava, Meat, Peas
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Favorite Subjects in School: 
Favorite Subjects in School: 
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Luke 18:27
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Personality Traits: 
Personality Traits: 

Program Profile

Village Name: 
Uganda Children’s Homes

Each of our Uganda Children's Homes is run by a house mother with the help of aunties and uncles. Living in our homes, the children receive well-rounded care that includes daily meals, an education, medical care, counseling, and Christian mentorship.
Initial Assessed Needs:

  1. Lack of access to education
  2. No water/electricity
  3. No access to medical care
  4. High illiteracy rate
  5. High orphan rate
  6. High malnutrition, especially among children

Date program launched: 2007
Programs/Services Currently Provided:

  1. Homes for orphaned children
  2. Education at on-site school
  3. Medical care for all children
  4. Daily nutrition provided
  5. Trauma counseling provided for children who need it
Program Description: 
Children at the Uganda Children’s Homes come from a variety of difficult backgrounds. Many have lost parents and family members to war and disease. In our Children’s Homes, they receive well-rounded care that addresses their physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs. Modeled after a typical family environment, the homes allow the children to experience all that it means to have a family. This means knowing the love and care of siblings and parents, and the responsibilities and discipline that come with being part of a healthy, functioning household. Many children experienced severe mental and emotional trauma during Uganda’s civil war. Your sponsorship ensures that children who would benefit from counseling are able to receive it. Our desire is that children raised in our homes will grow up knowing the value of a healthy, happy family, and yearn to create this for themselves and their own children in the future. By sponsoring a child at the Uganda Children’s Homes, you are providing them with the resources and care they need. You are equipping these children and their caregivers with tools for success, so they can grow up to create positive change in their community and ultimately their nation.

Population: 35,918,915 (2014 est.)

Life Expectancy: 54 years

Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 69 deaths per 1,000 live births

People Living with HIV/AIDS: 1.4 million

Orphaned Children: 2.7 million

Secondary School Attendance: Boys—16% Girls—19%

Population Living on Less Than $1.25 Per Day: 38%

Sources: UNICEF, The World Factbook (2014)