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Dominican Republic
Current Grade: 
Nov 21, 2003
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Rice, Beans, Meat
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Psalm 25
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Personality Traits: 
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Program Profile

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Children enrolled in the Altagracia Village Partnership Program benefit from a variety of services made possible by our partners. Volunteers have helped establish a school in the village, and worked on projects to bring clean water to the people. Sponsors provide children in Altagracia with daily nutrition, a solid education, and medical care at our nearby clinic. Partners have also set up Bible studies and fun summer camps for the children.
Initial Assessed Needs:

  1. Lack of access to medical care
  2. Lack of access to early education
  3. High rate of teen pregnancy

Date program launched: 2006
Programs/Services Currently Provided:

  1. School facility for preschool through grade two
  2. Medical care at COTN clinic
  3. Daily nutrition at school
  4. Clean water systems
  5. Skills training at COTN Skills Center
  6. Sports facility
  7. Challenge Children's Program for children with special needs
  8. Bible studies and summer camps
Program Description: 
Altagracia is inhabited by the descendants of Haitian immigrants who were originally brought by the Dominican government to work in the sugarcane fields. The majority of these people are undocumented, and there is no way for them to obtain legal citizenship. Sugarcane workers have since been replaced by machines, and there are few opportunities for these families to support themselves. More than 200 families live in Altagracia, one of the poorest communities in the region. In many cases, up to three families reside in just one house in Altagracia, where everyone usually sleeps in the same room. Since 2006, our partners have provided for the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of children in Altagracia through sponsorship and in-country projects, including establishing a clean water system. The children of Altagracia now have access to medical care, nutritious food, and other needed resources, including a good education at COTN’s nursery and primary school. Older children receive educational assistance while attending public schools, and some have moved on to university. By partnering with sponsors like you, we seek to provide the children of Altagracia with the resources and care they need to become well-rounded individuals. By equipping these children and their caregivers with tools for success, they will grow up to create positive change in their community and ultimately their nation.

Population: 10,349,741 (2014 est.)

Life Expectancy: 77 years

Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 27 deaths per 1,000 live births

People Living with HIV/AIDS: 45,000

Orphaned Children: 190,000

Secondary School Attendance: Boys—51%, Girls—65%

Population Living on Less Than $1.25 Per Day: 204,000 (These are the people COTN serves.)

Sources: UNICEF, The World Factbook (2014)