Sponsor a Child

Children of the Nations offers you three ways to sponsor children in need:
  • Village Partnership Program ($36 a month) – Sponsor a child living with impoverished parents or caregivers.
  • Children’s Homes ($43 a month) – Sponsor an orphaned child living in one of our full-care children’s homes.
  • University/Vocational Program ($50 a month) – Sponsor a student’s education and give them the opportunity to transform a community.
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Christine Abalo, Age 16
Tesobar, Uganda
Morie Abdulai, Age 6
Mokpangumba, Sierra Leone
Fatmata Abu, Age 21
Children's Homes, Sierra Leone
Edina Acan, Age 9
Barapwo, Uganda
Naume Acar, Age 16
Amuca, Uganda
Winnie Aceng, Age 16
Anai-Elwa, Uganda
Eunice Adongo, Age 20
Children's Homes, Uganda
Joshua Agen, Age 15
Anai-Okii, Uganda
Allan Ageta, Age 13
Children's Homes, Uganda

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