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from a March 2011 COTN Vision Trip

- Kervens was the only one from his class to survive when the earthquake hit his classroom. He lost his leg, but is grateful to God and COTN's partners like you for saving his life and investing in his restoration.

Sadwin - Sadwin was at home doing homework when the earthquake hit. As she ran outside she was hit by pieces of a collapsing house.

Haiti Village Partnership Program

Bellevue, Haiti

The community of Bellevue is located about fifteen miles west of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. This area was the epicenter of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January 2010. Many families in this region lost their homes and suffered injuries during the catastrophe.

International Christian Academy

Classes began in January 2010 at Children of the Nations’ (COTN) International Christian Academy, located at the Njewa Ministry Center in Malawi. The first lessons were taught in a dining hall. Since then, generous partners and in-country staff have built a handful of classrooms and dorms for the students, and the school continues to grow and take shape with each passing year. 

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Children of the Nations (COTN) regularly sends 40-foot containers full of supplies to our countries. Each COTN location has schools, medical clinics and offices that benefit greatly from donated supplies we ship over. Take a look here for more specific and current needs.

To donate in Washington, contact Dave Schertzer, Resources Director, at (360) 698-7227 or daveschertzer@cotni.org.


Silverdale, Washington

Children of the Nations was founded in Silverdale, Washington, in 1995. Today, though we have various regional offices throughout the US, Washington State in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is home to our headquarters.

The Children of the Nations Silverdale office serves as headquarters to our Administration, Operations (Sponsorship, Resources, and Venture), Communications/Marketing Departments, Education Director, international projects staff, country liaisons, and CEO.

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Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. It is a beautiful country but has a long and difficult history. As a French colony with hundreds of thousands of slaves, Haiti was one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean through the sugar and forestry industries and the importation of African slaves.

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