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Bringing Dreams Back to the Dominican Republic—12 Trips with Ryan Church

“Anytime you are interacting with any level of abject poverty—poverty is really when you are robbed of your ability to dream,” says Ryan Church, former Senior Director of University Ministries at University Presbyterian Church (UPC) in Seattle and current interim Director of Outreach.

Ryan recently went on his 12th trip to the Dominican Republic with COTN. And he noticed a lot of differences between this Venture trip and his first visit.


How You’re Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for Antonia

"The situation in my life is hard," begins 11-year-old Antonia. "Life is hard for me because my mother is out, and my father doesn't work," she explains. Then she smiles as she thinks of the difference people like you have made in her life. "Actually, it is not so hard as it was before I was part of COTN's program," she says.

Our Favorite Books: When Helping Hurts

I'll never forget the feeling. I was in Uganda with another organization, trying to do something good. Trying to spend three short weeks away from home and somehow make a long-term difference for the children I was serving. 

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