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Medical Miracle, Thanks to You!

Originally posted 06/22/2018.
Three-year-old Pablo* might not be alive today—or be able to see—if it weren’t for you. 

Tales from a Last-Minute Chaperone: Venturing into the Dominican Republic

Laurie Wilke responded to a last-minute call from Bellevue Presbyterian Church for a volunteer to help supervise their large group of female students headed to the Dominican Republic on a short-term Venture trip. Here is her unexpected adventure in her own words:

I knew that the students (as well as us leaders) would be positively impacted, but the “how” was awesome to participate in/watch as it unfolded.

How an African Housewife Inspired a Florida Woman to Do More

To hear the full story, listen to COTN's Beyond the Village podcast, How a Malawian Housewife and a Girl with Special Needs Inspired a Florida Family to Do More.

“Once my husband and I got married and he got his first real job, he wanted to buy a nice car; but then reality set in,” says Carolyn Berger, a COTN partner who lives in central Florida. “He did drive a beater,” she recalls, laughing. “The back light would hang out.”

Changing the Way We See Poverty—in Africa and at Home

After playing hard, young Monica fell asleep in Steffanie Heringer’s lap. COTN’s Uganda staff told Steffanie that Monica felt safe in her arms. This was the first time Steffanie met Monica, the girl she and her husband, Dan, had been sponsoring through Children of the Nations.

Is it Safe? Your Five Biggest Questions About Your Mission Trip

So you’re going on a Venture Trip—that’s exciting! As you begin preparing for your trip to Africa or the Caribbean it’s only natural to have some questions and concerns about the country you will be working in. 

God Chose My Sponsored Child for Me

Almost everyone on Chelsea’s Venture Trip to Malawi already sponsored a child there. At the team meetings and on the flights over, they gabbed cheerfully about what it would be like to reunite with their sponsored child or see them for the first time. But not Chelsea. She still didn’t know who she was there to meet. 

The Power of a Smile

"How will God change you as a result of this Venture Trip to the Dominican Republic?"  I wondered the same thing when I read that question on the preparation information I received before the trip.


A part of our Venture Program

By participating with a Venture Team, you will be strategically partnering with Children of the Nations (COTN) in-country staff in our vision to raise children who transform nations. Groups of any size may travel to Africa and the Caribbean to meet our children, participate in projects, and become an integral part of what God is doing through Children of the Nations.

There are two ways to participate with a Venture Team:

Start A Team — Become A Team Leader

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