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Preparing Your Heart for Mission Trips

You spend a lot of time preparing for your mission trip—fundraising, gathering supplies, packing your giant suitcase. But make sure to include one last item on your list: preparing your heart. Amber Rettke just returned from a trip to Malawi. Below, she shares five prayers that helped her focus on God and prepare her heart for the journey.

Jesus Christ Soccer Star: Athletes Point Children toward God

Hundreds of people came from the nearby villages to the Children of the Nations (COTN) campus in Malawi. It was the first day of a soccer tournament hosted by a Venture Team from Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. Everyone was eager to show off their soccer moves, including COTN’s in-country staff. With a running sports commentary over a loudspeaker, the games began. 

Would You Like To Hear My Story?

The drums beat a rhythm followed by the voices of the dancers. It is Center Day in Sierra Leone—a day of outreach to the local community through song, dance, games, and other activities. Hundreds of people look on as the recently formed Children of the Nations (COTN) Cultural Dance Troupe glide, shake, and spin through their well-choreographed display.

Excess is Not the Enemy

The following is an excerpt from a blog Fraser kept while leading a Venture Team to Malawi and Uganda last summer.

After arriving in Malawi and getting things up and running with the team, about day three, I started asking God, “OK God, what do you have for me on this trip?” The answer came on Friday night, August 10. It was after the team had all gone to bed. I found myself unable to put down our 96-page debriefing book, Unearth. Near the end of the book there is a paragraph entitled "Excess is not the enemy."

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