Getting Stuck on a Roller Coaster During a Power Outage in Malawi: A Father-Daughter Story

What do you have in common with Brandon Albers, Seattle tech mogul? You both care deeply about children in need!


Brandon made the 2017 Puget Sound 40 Under 40 list for his work at L4 Digital. Maybe you even caught his interview with the Puget Sound Business Journal about his family and their love of serving others.

Summer Camp in Haiti!

Summer Camps have begun! Thanks to sponsors like you, as well as the Venture Team that raised additional money and worked hard to put on a camp, every child in our Haiti Village Partnership Program got to enjoy many summer activities last week, as well as a special day with their parents—tie-dyeing shirts, doing arts and crafts, playing games, and finally, going to the beach! 

Here are some photos from the week. Thank you to the sponsors, team, and other partners who made this possible! The children had a blast!

A Hunger for Knowledge: Patrick's Story

He was one of those kids. You know, the ones who are always hanging around, with big, hungry eyes. The ones who materialize whenever there is any work—desperate to do something, regardless if there is any monetary compensation. And then as fast as he showed up, he would disappear—no one knew where he lived. 

Jesus Christ Soccer Star: Athletes Point Children toward God

Hundreds of people came from the nearby villages to the Children of the Nations (COTN) campus in Malawi. It was the first day of a soccer tournament hosted by a Venture Team from Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. Everyone was eager to show off their soccer moves, including COTN’s in-country staff. With a running sports commentary over a loudspeaker, the games began. 

Excess is Not the Enemy

The following is an excerpt from a blog Fraser kept while leading a Venture Team to Malawi and Uganda last summer.

After arriving in Malawi and getting things up and running with the team, about day three, I started asking God, “OK God, what do you have for me on this trip?” The answer came on Friday night, August 10. It was after the team had all gone to bed. I found myself unable to put down our 96-page debriefing book, Unearth. Near the end of the book there is a paragraph entitled "Excess is not the enemy."

Your Best Photos of 2012

We admit it, these aren't really the "best"—partners like you took way too many incredible photos in 2012 for us to pick just six.  But these are some of our favorite photos that Venture participants and partners took, and they celebrate some of the achievements you made in 2012.  Enjoy!

A Groundbreaking Trip to Haiti

In September, Saskia Schmidt and her thirteen-year-old daughter Kaatje went on a Venture Trip with Children of the Nations (COTN) to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  It was their first Venture Trip.  It was also a first for COTN—they joined the inaugural medical team to Haiti, and got to meet the very first children to enter COTN's newly-launched Village Partnership Program.

Venture Overview

The Children of the Nations Venture Program provides global and local opportunities to serve our children and staff. We invite you to partner with us by taking anywhere from one week to one year to participate in our Venture Program. Opportunities exist in any Children of the Nations country.


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