The Twelve Days of Christmas, Gift One: Goats!

After his father died, Peter's family never had enough to eat. "My mother could only afford to buy beans and vegetables—but never meat," he says. Every Christmas, Peter's family would scrape together everything they had for a meal. "We would struggle to buy a little meat, but it was never enough." 

Video: Give Joy!

What do you want for Christmas?

Teddy Stays in School, Thanks to You

Teddy couldn’t focus on her school teacher’s lesson because she was trying to find a way to sneak out. She loved being in school, but her mother had left dinner cooking over the fire, and Teddy was worried. It was the only food Teddy and her family would get to eat that day, and if she didn’t get home soon, it would be burned.

Photos from a Wonderful Summer in Uganda

Thanks to the generous gifts of sponsors, Venture Teams, and people like you, the children have had an incredible summer in Uganda! As they go back to school this week, they have wonderful memories of Center Days, Art Camp, and the sleep-away camp the children from the Children's Village attended last weekend. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Taking My Talents to Africa

We all have those magical moments, those keepsake memories that shape who we are. For me, one of those moments happened in preschool when my teacher poured a cup of blue water into a cup of yellow water—and suddenly there was green! Today art is what I do for a living, as a graphic designer with Children of the Nations (COTN). And this summer, that job led me to a place I never expected to go—Africa. 

Journey Across Africa: Sierra Leonean Students Begin University in Uganda

On Friday, August 9, N'gardy stood at the airport in Freetown, Sierra Leone, for the first flight of her life. She and her classmate, Susan, were taking off for Uganda to realize a goal they would have never dreamed possible, even a few months ago—attending university.

Building a Healthy Future for Ugandan Children

The Ugandan children wait anxiously for their medical exam. They aren’t used to going to the doctor so they don’t know what to expect. But when Shannon Carnahan shows them how to place the stethoscope in their ears and then presses the scope to her heart, they quickly forget to be scared.  

"God Opened a Door For Me": Susan's Story

Susan's days were long and difficult before she became part of Children of the Nations' child sponsorship program in Uganda. She was only six, and yet she says, "I had a lot of responsibilities, like an adult." 

Five Minutes with Pastor James

A few weeks ago, our Uganda country director, Pastor James Okalo Ekwang, came to the United States for a visit. I got to sit down with Pastor James and his wife, Agnes, and ask them a few questions about how your support through sponsorship is changing lives in Uganda. Living there, they see the whole picture—see the children and families change, the culture shift, and whole communities have their hope and faith restored. 

Two New Children's Homes in Uganda!

Two years ago, our Children's Homes in Uganda were bursting at the seams. With sixty-one children living in our original circle of seven homes, we were above capacity. And with our young boys and girls becoming teenagers, our in-country staff recommended a separate circle of homes. (Not to mention there are hundreds of orphaned children in the surrounding area who are living in child-headed households and are desperate for a home and a family to care for them.)

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