Four Unique Pictures of Success

What does transformation look like? We dream of children, once orphaned and abandoned on the streets, becoming doctors, teachers, and politicians, and changing their countries. And that is happening all over the world, because of you. 

The Only Deaf Boy in the Village

Alhaji and Mohamed sit in the resource library, waiting for their bus back to school. They wait silently, but every once in a while, when one of them has something to say, he signs to the other and smiles.

God Rescues Us from Our Affliction: Olga's Story

Ten-year-old Olga had the responsibilities of an adult. Her mother was too sick to do any housework, and Olga was the oldest girl, leaving her with the responsibility of running the house. 

When You Educate the Girl Child, You Educate the Whole Nation

If it was not for you, Mariatu would have ended her education years ago. She began school when she was seven years old, but it was a challenge for her parents to find the money to send her. "My parents found it difficult to enroll me at school," she says.  

Sponsorship Saves Bezita from Becoming a Child Bride

If it weren't for you, 14-year-old Bezita says she would be married by now. In her remote village in Malawi, basic resources are scarce and parents often marry their girls off young in hopes of finding someone to support them. 

Sponsorship Saves Baby Christophe's Life

Cevenie had eight children when she found out she was pregnant with twins. If you think ten children would be a challenge, imagine supporting that many children in Haiti. Cevenie and her husband Andrenor barely had enough money to fully provide for their family.

Checking in with Malawi's Future Leaders

Right now in Malawi, you are helping 36 young adults make their way through college. These young people are studying hard today so they can transform their nation tomorrow. A few of them would like to share with you what their goals are and how your support is helping them reach those goals.

The Long Walk to School: Pilirani's Story

The walk to school was long and dangerous, and Pilirani was only in first grade. Government primary schools are free in Malawi, but they are limited, and this was the closest one. "It was very hard to walk," Pilirani recalls. "We had to pass by a bridge to get to school, which was very difficult when it was raining. The river would flood, and I remember one day we were stuck because we could not get across." 

Lifted Up from the Dust: Davie's Story

In Malawi, in the dusty fields of Chirombo village, few things are certain. The sun may scorch the freshly planted earth, the rain may flood the seeds out of their furrows, or the two may combine at just the right levels to produce a bountiful harvest. 

Hope Restored: Brenda's Story

Sitting on the dirt floor of Brenda's tiny home in Uganda, it's hard to believe her life has been completely transformed. Her tiny home has a thatched roof, mud walls, and is about the size you would think normal for a bedroom—not a home for four children and an adult. Yet there in her tiny home in rural Uganda, Brenda looks at you in her little pink school uniform with eyes full of joy and hope. Everything is different for her, because of her sponsors.

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