Sponsored children

Two Thousand Happy Feet in Malawi

Why are these children showing off their shoes? 

A Witness to 15 Years of Transformation

Rosaniris was seven years old when her community changed completely. A Dominican batey made up of mostly Haitian immigrants with no citizenship, the community of Los Robles had no school, no water, and no other basic resources from the government. Children ran around with few to no clothes on and amused themselves by fighting or throwing rocks.

New Ministry Center Opens in Uganda

Thanks to you, the children and staff in Uganda have some snazzy new digs. 

This past fall, you helped build a new ministry center at the COTN-Uganda campus. This new building will allow our Ugandan staff to work more closely with the children and interact with them on a daily basis. The old office was several miles away, in Lira, and required the staff to spend too much time and money commuting between there and the Children's Village. This new office is more cost-effective, and will help our ministry in Uganda flourish. 

Making Palm Oil in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, everyone cooks from scratch. And when I say from scratch, I mean, from scratch. Every ingredient has to be made by hand—including oil. 

So a common way to spend the afternoon in a village in Sierra Leone is picking and sorting palm nuts, then embarking on the long process of making them into oil. 

The whole thing takes about two hours, and it's an activity that many of your sponsored children regularly participate in. Here's what it looks like: 

Sponsorship Saves Baby Christophe's Life

Cevenie had eight children when she found out she was pregnant with twins. If you think ten children would be a challenge, imagine supporting that many children in Haiti. Cevenie and her husband Andrenor barely had enough money to fully provide for their family.

Miracles at Summer Camp in Malawi

Emmanuel was not looking forward to camp. As an albino living in Malawi, he was used to other children always making fun of him. So a sleep-away camp with 350 other teenagers did not sound like fun. 

But one of the speakers at the camp spoke of the love of God, and how the teens should all show that love to their neighbors. He encouraged everyone to focus on their future and move forward, despite the challenges of the past. After the speech, Emmanuel was personally inspired and challenged to move forward with his life despite his challenges.

A Sponsor's Journey, Part 5: A New Perspective

To be honest, when I first signed up to sponsor a child I had never met, writing genuine and heartfelt letters was a little difficult. The only thing I knew about him was what I read on his profile. I started my letters with the basics—my family, my hobbies, and my favorite things. But I wanted Alfred to know how much I cared and loved him even though I had never met him. I started praying for Alfred often and would write him telling him that I was praying for him. Then I got an opportunity to actually meet him 

    Nonprofit Children of the Nations Points to Recent Study Illustrating Life-Changing Impacts of Child Sponsorship

    Silverdale, Washington – May 22, 2013 – International child sponsorship really does improve children’s well-being, according to a new study conducted by the University of San Francisco. This is exciting news for the millions of Americans who give to child sponsorship organizations each month. 

    Welcome to the Family!

    Sue Trover wanted her surprise to be the highlight of Christmas day. She waited until all eleven grandchildren had opened their gifts. “The timing was important,” she explains.  Then she gathered the whole family and unveiled the biggest gift of the day—their family would be expanding as they welcomed six sponsored children from Children of the Nations’ (COTN) programs in Africa and the Caribbean.  

    How the Angel and the Bookkeeper Learned to Get Along

    I don’t think Perla let go of my hand the entire afternoon. We walked all over the bumpy dirt roads of her neighborhood in the Dominican Republic, with her clinging to my hand and introducing me to her friends, family, and favorite games. She was obviously excited and encouraged that I, her sponsor, had come to visit. 

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