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Five Things Your Sponsored Child Wants You to Write

So you sat down to write your sponsored child. You've got your pen, your letter template, and maybe a letter from your child. But when it comes time to write something ... you don't even know where to start. 

Pray for Your Sponsored Child: Ephesians 3:16–19

Do you have a hard time knowing how to pray for your sponsored child? I struggle to pray for people I don't know, so I often don't know how to pray for my sponsored children specifically.

The iPad Versus the Mud Hut

The following is an excerpt from a blog Fraser kept while leading a "Visit Your Sponsored Child" Venture Team to Uganda last summer. Click here to read his earlier post from Malawi.

Confessions of a Distracted Sponsor

I admit it. I'm a distracted sponsor. By "distracted" I mean there are so many pressing needs on my plate that often the last thing I think about is my two kids far away in Africa and the Dominican Republic. By "distracted" I mean there is a great disparity between the number of letters and small gifts I want to send them, and the number that actually make it into the mail.

Your Support Keeps Kadothi in School

Before sponsors and partners like you came into Kadothi's life, her mother struggled to feed her family.  A single mother, she relied on a small garden to produce food for her four daughters.  "Because we couldn't manage to buy seeds and tools, we didn't harvest enough," Kadothi's mother explains. 

Five Ways to Pray for your Sponsored Child

As a sponsor, I truly aspire to pray regularly for my two sponsored children.  But praying for a child I've never met is not easy for me.  I find it much easier to pray for the pressing immediate needs that are right in front of my face.  Too often, my prayers for little Marie and Marcellus are vague and short—"God bless them .... "  Of course there is nothing wrong with this simple prayer, but this year, I am hoping to pray more specifically and regularly for my sponsored children.  

Your Best Photos of 2012

We admit it, these aren't really the "best"—partners like you took way too many incredible photos in 2012 for us to pick just six.  But these are some of our favorite photos that Venture participants and partners took, and they celebrate some of the achievements you made in 2012.  Enjoy!

Sponsorship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Sponsors

What specific benefits will the child or student I sponsor receive?
Your donation will help meet the physical, educational, social, and spiritual needs of your child or student. Your donation will go into our sponsorship fund and your child or student will receive the benefits of their program through your contribution. Every child and student in our program is assigned multiple sponsors to meet all of their needs. 

For a few of the specific benefits, see below:

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