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Hope Restored: Brenda's Story

Sitting on the dirt floor of Brenda's tiny home in Uganda, it's hard to believe her life has been completely transformed. Her tiny home has a thatched roof, mud walls, and is about the size you would think normal for a bedroom—not a home for four children and an adult. Yet there in her tiny home in rural Uganda, Brenda looks at you in her little pink school uniform with eyes full of joy and hope. Everything is different for her, because of her sponsors.

A Mission Trip By the Children, For the Children

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a six-year-old on a mission trip? Three families recently found out what it was like when they took their children, ages six to ten, on a Venture Trip to the Dominican Republic. The trip was specially designed for the families and their children, and focused on books—reading, enjoying, and even making them.

A Sponsor’s Journey, Part One: Alicia Chooses Alfred

You might call it a bargain. Alicia, then in her junior year of high school, wanted to sponsor a child, but she had no money. So one day she told God, "If you give me a job, I will sponsor a child." The next weekend, she was hired. So it was pretty clear what she had to do next.

Meet the Newest Children at Chitipi Farm!

Alefa's face bursts into a smile as she shakes her hips to the music. It is the monthly birthday celebration at the Chitipi Farm Children's Home, and she's in the center doing her favorite thing—dancing.

An End to the Pain: Emma's Story

Everything in Emma's life seemed to be fighting against her. It started when she was just a baby. Her father died when Emma was one, leaving her family devastated. From that day on, food and clothing were everyday struggles for Emma and her three older siblings. "It was really hard to have two meals per day," she remembers.

Can I Pray for You Before You Go Back to America?

On my first trip to Uganda, I got to meet the girl our family sponsors through Children of the Nations (COTN). Her name is Sharon. 

They Call Her ‘Agogo’

Lori Campbell started selling books online to raise money for her many trips to Malawi. But last year God gave her a new idea: to use the money to sponsor children as well. She began with five children, but plans to include many more. “God laid on my heart the number eighty,” she says. “I wish I could sponsor the entire village!”


Children of the Nations has partnered with numerous businesses, organizations, foundations, and churches to serve the mission of raising children who transform nations. In addition to the names on this list, we've established several helpful partnerships within the countries we serve.

Thank you to everyone on this list for making an incredible impact on the children. Thank you, also, to the many individuals and organizations who informally partner with COTN on a one-time or ongoing basis!



Chris Clark, a fifth-generation missionary raised in Africa, and his wife Debbie, a teacher, felt God calling them to minister to and help children around the world.

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