Sponsor a child in Africa

A Family Reunited: Sandram and Zione's Story

It's never our plan for a child to be taken away from their family. But when the situation is as bad as it was for Sandram, there is little other choice. After Sandram's mother passed away, he and his younger sister Zione were left in the care of their paternal uncle. 

A Day in the Life of a Malawian Sponsored Child

Esnart's days were not easy before she became part of Children of the Nations' (COTN) child sponsorship program in the village of Mtsiliza, Malawi. She never had enough to eat, and struggled to attend school. Even though primary school is free in Malawi, a host of factors make it difficult for children to attend.  Many families cannot afford simple school supplies and uniforms, while others need their children to stay home and work.

My Lord Cares For Me: Hannah's Story

Hannah collapsed by her bed and buried her face in her arms. She knelt there crying and praying—overwhelmed by everything that was happening in her life. Today, as she remembers that moment, Hannah says, "I was praying that God would give me mercy." She didn't know that He already had.

Meet the Newest Children at Chitipi Farm!

Alefa's face bursts into a smile as she shakes her hips to the music. It is the monthly birthday celebration at the Chitipi Farm Children's Home, and she's in the center doing her favorite thing—dancing.

You are Showing Catherine What Love Means

Eleven-year-old Catherine closes her eyes as she recalls the worst part of life after her parents died.  

An End to the Pain: Emma's Story

Everything in Emma's life seemed to be fighting against her. It started when she was just a baby. Her father died when Emma was one, leaving her family devastated. From that day on, food and clothing were everyday struggles for Emma and her three older siblings. "It was really hard to have two meals per day," she remembers.

Celebrating the Mosquito Nets You Gave!

Center Day is a day to invite parents, siblings, and the whole surrounding community to celebrate and learn about the transformation people like you are bringing through Children of the Nations (COTN). In Uganda, where Venture participants organized the first-ever COTN Center Day almost two years ago, these celebrations are a regular occurrence. 

Visiting Our Newest Secondary Students

Secondary school is beyond most girls' wildest dreams in Uganda. In fact, only twenty-one percent of all girls, and twenty-two percent of all boys in Uganda attend secondary school. Finishing primary school is hard enough for most children, let alone getting into secondary school and finding the money for tuition.

How I Built a Relationship with My Sponsored Child

Each child sponsorship relationship is unique, as every sponsor and child are different. This is the story of how Isaura and I built our relationship through Children of the Nations (COTN) sponsorship.

Celebrating Center Day in Sierra Leone

Safety goggles secure, the students carefully tipped baking soda into their bottle of vinegar. The crowd—hundreds of children from rural Sierra Leone—watched wide-eyed in amazement as a balloon inflated, seemingly by itself. The students grinned as the crowd cheered. Their performance was a success. 

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