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Thirty-Five Students Celebrate the Completion of High School in Malawi

On Saturday, June 6, 35 Malawian high school seniors celebrated the end of their high school studies at Children of the Nations' International Christian Academy. Finishing high school is a rare and prestigious accomplishment for any child in Malawi, where drop-out rates are high due to school costs, teenage marriages, and other social pressures. You could feel the excitement and sense of accomplishment in the air as these young students celebrated this milestone.

Taken from the Miry Clay: Precious's Story

In December 2013, Precious became the first sponsored child from COTN–Sierra Leone to complete university. "It's a very huge honor," she smiles. "One I thought could never happen, even in my wildest dreams." 

Bible Studies Raise Up Leaders

School just got out at the International Christian Academy, the Children of the Nations (COTN) secondary school in Malawi. But seventy-five of the students aren't rushing to get back to their homes or dorms. They are gathered in a large classroom with their Bibles by their sides, ready to hear the teaching of the day. 

A Refugee No More: Oscar of Uganda


How Sponsorship Made Me Beautiful: Christina's Story

No one thought Christina would be chosen. Only three representatives from the entire primary school were going to the reading competition, and eleven-year-old Christina was in the remedial class. 

Learning to Read in Sixth Grade

Alieu had somehow made it to sixth grade without ever learning to read. He started school late, as many children in Sierra Leone do because their parents cannot afford school fees. By the time he was given the opportunity to attend Children of the Nations' school through COTN's child sponsorship program, it was hard for him to catch on.

Empowering African Girls Through Soccer

The sun has just gone down as Josie Graybeal and her Venture Team arrive at the Children of the Nations ministry center in Sierra Leone. A little ways off, in the dusk, you can just make out a group of the white jerseys—Seattle Pacific University uniforms—that Josie brought last year. In the center, beaming and proud, are twenty-six African girls. Flanked by the boys' team, they perform a short "soccer" dance, jumping and slapping their feet like calisthenics. Then they break out into song, welcoming their inspiration back. 

The Long Walk to School: Pilirani's Story

The walk to school was long and dangerous, and Pilirani was only in first grade. Government primary schools are free in Malawi, but they are limited, and this was the closest one. "It was very hard to walk," Pilirani recalls. "We had to pass by a bridge to get to school, which was very difficult when it was raining. The river would flood, and I remember one day we were stuck because we could not get across." 

Lifted Out of Danger: Janet's Story

You can learn a lot about a child from her favorite Bible story. Janet's is the story of Moses being rescued from the water. 

A Unique Bond Across Nations: A Sponsor's Testimony

I first met Grecious in the summer of 2011 during a Children of the Nations (COTN) Venture Trip to Malawi with my church. I was immediately drawn to how, well, gracious he was. Soft-spoken and kind, he welcomed me, a fellow brother in Christ, into his home. Grecious and I share a common bond that allows us to relate to each other in a special way—we both have a disability called cerebral palsy. 

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